Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gravity is making itself felt on property prices worldwide

Gravity has taken hold of property markets around the world. And this is still under the effects of unusually low interest rates.

Searching for Solid Ground
AFTER years of dizzying ascents, a big dose of gravity has hit residential-property markets around the world. According to The Economist’s latest round-up, year-on-year prices are now falling in 12 of the 21 countries we track; in five of the other nine, prices are rising at a slower rate than they were a year ago.
The standouts on overvalued:
Hong Kong 64%
Canada 54%
New Zealand 44%
Belgium 55%
Singapore 58%
France 43%
Australia 36%

Even places like Sweden and Netherlands at 25% overvalued have some pain coming before they reach ground level. And Spain still has nearly that far to go despite already falling 22%.

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