Thursday, February 9, 2012

Year of the Dragon Buying in Vancouver may be a Bust

Couched in a metaphor (although, not much of a stretch, given the speculative nature of buyer expectations ...) Real Estate agent Larry Yatkowsky gives his view on the much anticipated and hyped buying spree that would accompany the Chinese New Year.
Vancouver Real Estate Games
Proclaimed was that this Chinese New Year – the Year of the Dragon, would see many overseas players arrive to play their hand in the high stakes game known as Vancouver real estate.
See, if I wrote that, I'd be called a bear...
Current sentiment amongst some Vancouver Realtors® is that those few who came to play were in possession of Li’s ‘flip side’. Those Realtors® have suggested that ‘strong-headedness’ may have dictated that our guests would not play the high priced stakes of Vancouver real estate deciding instead, to leave Vancouver’s real estate’s gaming table empty.

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