Thursday, February 23, 2012

CEO of ING Direct Canada Says "Uncategorically" No Bubble

Peter Aceto on Debt, BMO & Bubbles
“Uncategorically, I would say no, I don’t think we have a bubble like we saw in the U.S.”
"Uncategorically" is a malapropism, usually taken to mean "categorically", the term from logic meaning unconditionally. Is that what he meant? I guess we'll say it was. (note: I don't have a good enough connection to watch the video at the moment to scope out more context.)

"…We have some issues....It's not a national issue. It’s more of a British Columbia issue or an Ontario issue. Prices are very high.”
Um, you mean, there is only a problem in the two provinces where 18 of the 34 million Canadians live? Well, that's a relief. How anyone could miss the runup in Montreal prices, or this insane run up in Alberta I don't know, but we'll note his concerns.

Condo valuations are “pretty high on top of the list of things we are watching very, very closely.”
Wait, another trouble spot? Maybe he did mean uncategorically, a new term which means "with caveats" . . . ?

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