Monday, February 13, 2012

OECD and Deutsche Bank Rank the Most Overvalued Countries

The Most Overpriced Housing Markets In The Developed World
Country - Over valued by:
Italy - 10%
Denmark - 17%
Finland - 22%
Sweden - 25%
Spain - 33%
UK - 34%
Netherlands - 36%
Australia - 39%
France - 42%
New Zealand - 44%
Norway - 48%
Canada - 54%
Belgium - 56%

I don't actually agree with this analysis that the U.S. is 9% undervalued. I would have put it at 7-8% overvalued. But given the wide differences between markets, it probably comes down to the weightings. For example, because Las Vegas and Arizona overbuilt without regard to lower population, many of those houses simply shouldn't count in the analysis. Also, if they are using average incomes, that completely ignores that most of the gains in the last decade went to the top few percent and isn't available to the middle class at large to invest. But this isn't about places finding a bottom. It's about those that are doing an excellent impression of Wile E Coyote.

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