Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perth Prices Continue to Decline

Home prices declined nationally in March quarter: APM
Australia's sluggish housing market remained just that in the first three months of this year with prices falling 0.6 per cent nationally, according to the latest data.
The fall in house prices follows near-record levels of housing stock coming on the market, the period homes are advertised for sale has also lengthened considerably.
Nationally, prices are up 0.2% year on year.

Perth house, unit prices keep falling
According to Australian Property Monitors quarterly house price report, median prices for Perth fell by 1.1 per cent between the start of January and the end of March, and 4.1 per cent across the past 12 months (the second biggest drop nationwide), to $540,978.

Brisbane fell 2% for the quarter 4.3% year on year.
Hobart fell 2.3% for the quarter 1% year on year.
Adelaide fell 4.8% on the quarter 0% year on year.
Darwin fell 2% on the quarter
Sydney down 0.4% on the quarter
Melbourne at 0% on the quarter
Canberra up 0.2% on the quarter

(if I find more year on year numbers, I'll add them in. The ABS data is due out shortly, so it's academic anyway.)

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