Monday, September 12, 2011

Inventory in the Hands of Stubborn Sellers in Australia

Australia is in the Age of Anxiety.
Panic and Capitulation are yet to come. If you are on the sidelines, pick your entry point with care. Can't tell you how many people jumped in early in California, then ended up foreclosed on too.

Agents dump sellers over 'dream 2010' prices
"We have a market full of vendors who don't need to sell and will only sell if they can get their price. They are perfectly happy to leave their property on the market in the hope that an uneducated buyer will come along and fall in love with it and pay what is on the price tag."

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jesse said...

As much as the blogosphere seems to loathe Realtors, I have to admire their ability to triage listings. If markets aren't moving, they have to gauge where to spend their time. I saw this in Vancouver in 2008 and early 2009 when Realtors would simply not bother with listings they thought had little chance of selling.

Now Realtors are firing sellers. That's just... just... unheard of. More, Caesar, more!