Thursday, March 24, 2011

China Housing Price Controls Set Higher Than Analysts Expected

China’s Property Stocks Rally on Price Target Speculation (1)
“There’s market speculation that local governments will set a target of limiting housing price gains to between zero percent and the GDP growth rate,” said Wang Weijun, a strategist at Zheshang Securities Co. in Shanghai. “That’s much better than the target of below zero percent anticipated by the market.” Local governments may announce their price control targets next week, Wang said.

Leaving aside the notion of enforcement of this law, if I'm reading this right, the rise year on year since December in places like Shanghai would be perfectly acceptable.

I do so want to see how they are going to try to implement this.

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jesse said...

In a plant in southern China where there was a suicide problem, the initial strategy was telling workers not to commit suicide.

Maybe they could just tell people not to buy houses.