Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vancouver Market to "Calm" in 2011

Duly noted little fluff piece for pointing and laughing at later.
Real estate market calm expected to follow hectic 2010 in Metro Vancouver
First some industry people chime in:
However, Adamache said Metro Vancouver should see much less price growth in 2011. . . . "We're calling for a three-percent increase in 2011."
Ron Antalek . . . believes there will be a modest increase in both pricing and demand this year.
Honestly, it's almost capitulation that they admit to a slowdown at all. The newly minted homeowners show signs of long term propaganda exposure.
Mike McDougall recently took possession of a new detached home in Maple Ridge after moving to B.C. from Alberta.

"Hopefully, it was a good time to purchase," McDougall said in an interview.

"From what I hear, it was. I think there's still potential for rates to go up."
That interest rate is not locked in for the life of the loan, you realize. Losing 50k in equity right out of the gate is not a worthwhile trade for rushing into the market.

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