Monday, November 15, 2010

China Limiting Property Purchases by Foreigners

It's unclear what kind of an impact this is going to have, beyond the implicit admission that other curbs are not taking hold as effectively as the government wants. Other analysts have been warning that given the liquidity, limits on property will simply drive money into stocks, which seems a reasonable assumption. (Or precious metals?) What does a China crash do to precious metals? Is it driven up by a mad scramble for safety, or is it driven down by a sell off to cover other losses?

China Limits Property Purchases By Foreigners
China on Monday announced new limits on the ability of foreigners to buy residential or commercial property on the mainland, in its latest effort to curb the inflows of speculative money into its economy and ease inflationary pressure.
"Targeting foreign investors is the easiest administrative means for the Chinese government to undertake because they represent a very small interest group," Mr. Liu said. "But when it comes to curbing hot money inflows, the measures won't be that effective."

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