Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Majority wrongly believe HST applies to house sale

The real estate industry has been blaming HST for the slow down in transaction volume. Although this survey applies to Ontario only, Ontario and British Columbia implemented the tax change at the same time.

 Most Ontarians wrongly believe HST applies to home resales: Survey
A survey done by Ipsos Reid, commissioned by the Ontario Real Estate Association, shows 56 per cent of people in Ontario think the harmonized sales tax, implemented in July, applies to the cost of a resale home. . . . But the HST is only levied on the various transaction fees associated with the purchase of a home that has been previously occupied.
 The closing paragraph:
There have been signs of improvements in the Canadian housing market recently, with the Canadian Real Estate Association reporting sales gains in both September and August.
"Improvement" what does that mean? The author really should consider making "improvement" a reflection of affordability, or long-term price stability, otherwise he or she risks becoming another bubble cheerleader.

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