Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hong Kong, 4% Fall July to October, Transactions Down 64%

The Shine Is Off Asian Properties
Hong Kong, which has seen home prices surge almost 75% since the beginning of 2009, recorded its first fall in property prices in three years in July. From July to October, prices fell 4%. In November, the number of residential property transactions in Hong Kong fell 64% from a year earlier, according to Land Registry data.

"The drops in home prices in China and Hong Kong are moderate partly because there are simply not that many transactions. Property owners are holding onto their properties and refusing to sell them cheap in bad times," said Nicole Wong, regional head of property research at brokerage firm CLSA.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang said Friday that the government's measures to curb speculative activity, including an additional tax on buyers who sell within two years of purchase, will remain in place.

I'll just wait it out. Prices will rise again. How long did it take for the bubble to reform from 1997? 14 years then. Well, I'm sure all of these owners can comfortably wait that long.

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