Wednesday, November 9, 2011

China Debt Reckoning coming in January

China's cradle of entrepreneurs braces for debt reckoning
That test will take place in January, when companies and individuals have to settle their bills ahead of the Lunar New Year.
Still, many people in Wenzhou are awaiting with dread the most tense time for businesses even in very good years -- debt collection time.

"Chinese like to settle their debts between January 1st and the start of the Lunar New Year," said Hu Zhenhua, a professor of economics at Wenzhou University. The first day of Lunar New Year celebrations is January 23.
More important is that many businesses have themselves started relending money or borrowing for speculative purposes -- a practice that paid off handsomely in good times but is now exposing many to big losses.

"I just wish that my clients, if they have cash, wouldn't invest in things like stocks, gold, and property. If it's not properly managed, it will be dangerous for our industry," said Chen.

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