Sunday, October 20, 2013

Real Estate Highlights of Credit Suisse Wealth Report

Global Wealth 2013

Along with most countries in the developing world, personal wealth in India is heavily skewed towards property and other real assets, which make up 86% of household assets.
Much of the pre-2007 rise was due to the appreciation of the euro against the US dollar. However, France also experienced a rapid rise in house prices, as a result of which real property now accounts for about two-thirds of household assets. Personal debts are just 12% of household assets, a relatively low ratio for a developed economy..
nterestingly, the composition of wealth is heavily skewed towards real assets, which amount on average to USD 294,100 and form 59% of gross household assets. This average level of real assets is the second highest in the world after Norway. In part, it reflects a sparsely populated country with a large endowment of land and natural resources, but it is also a manifestation of high urban real estate prices.
The long-term rise in real estate was interrupted only briefly, and since 2008 the market has seen both new construction and house price increases. Rapid growth in mortgages has fuelled a continuing rise in household debt. Mortgage terms were tightened in 2012 and the market cooled somewhat, but there are continuing concerns. It is not clear whether the final landing will be soft or hard.

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Final landing is going to be soft for sure for Canada.

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