Tuesday, July 19, 2011

China Executes Two Vice Mayors for Real Estate Related Graft

Real estate related graft and embezzlement.

China executes vice mayors in corruption crackdown
Xu Maiyong, who served as the vice mayor of Hangzhou, had used his official power to interfere with project contracts and help companies acquire land, the Supreme People’s Court said in a statement. He had accepted 145 million yuan (US $ 22 million) in bribes, and embezzled 54 million yuan (US $ 8.3 million) from a government-managed property company. Xu was removed from his post in April 2009.
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In an unrelated case, Jiang Renjie, the vice mayor of Suzhou, another prosperous southern commercial centre, was convicted of taking 108 million yuan (US $ 16.6 million) in cash from property developers.


jesse said...

I'm following the extradition hearings on Lai Chanxing, as it could signal a shift in how the Canadian government will handle treaties with China in the coming years, and could put a bit of a frost on the perception of the protection awarded to a certain class of immigrants.

GG said...

That would be a shift, all right. I think that's a big part of the Canadian "brand" for the opulent hoarder immigrants.