Sunday, June 26, 2011

July 1 Changes to Canadian Federal Immigration Program

Chinese investors are propping up the markets in Vancouver and Toronto and Canada looks to be limiting some of the fast tracking.

Breaking News: Changes Announced for Three Canadian Immigration Programs
“Given the demand for this program, especially from Chinese nationals, we expect this imposed cap limit to be reached extremely quickly… probably within a matter of days,” says Attorney David Cohen. “Applicants should keep in mind that Quebec has its own Immigrant Investor Program which could be a great option for applicants who cannot submit under the Federal Investor Program as Quebec will be increasing the number of applications accepted under its program.”
Moratorium on the Federal Immigrant Entrepreneur Program

As of July 1, 2011, CIC will not be accepting any new Federal Entrepreneur applications. CIC has not stated when the Federal Entrepreneur Program will begin accepting new applications. Applicants are encouraged to submit their application to the Quebec Entrepreneur Program or to one of the various Business Immigration Programs offered by the provinces.

The BC Provincial Nominee program appears to be unchanged.

At first glance the changes look like they will have a higher impact on Ontario as their PNP program looks more difficult to qualify for.

Hat tip: Makaya at VREAA

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