Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Haves and Have-nots of Canadian Real Estate Market

How the housing market has cooled in most of Canada
Canada overall up 7% year on year.
Up 5.2% ex-Vancouver and Toronto.
Vancouver is 10x income.
Toronto is 7x income.
"We really haven't seen a national market like this where we have such sharp regional differences."

In provinces like Manitoba and Saskatchewan, sales continue to be reasonably strong, Rabidoux said, but there is "unprecedented inventory" on the market.

"Especially in places like Winnipeg and Regina, you have these extremely soft markets. and that's going to keep prices very weak for probably another year."

Ontario is a bit of mixed bag, he said. Sales are strong in Toronto and Hamilton, but weaken once you head east.
"I think the low interest rates have become a curse, not a blessing for the economy because it's encouraging people to pay even higher prices for housing relative to their income," Madani said. "And when interest rates start to creep back up, affordability will become an even greater problem."

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